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What is Pure Genetics?


My Name is Thomas Graziano Jr, growing up being the small guy out of all my friends was truly a psychology war in my head.
Being jealous of how my friends looked compared to me, feeling down because all I wanted to do was to fit in, having no hope that I will never see changes in my size. Not advancing in sports because I was told that I was too small.  When I started my fitness lifestyle. I told myself that I will be able to put up some weight and get bigger. I started to build my foundation of my body and have been progressing since.

I started this brand in hopes that I can share my story with others and help them reach their goals. Pure Genetics apparel will make you look and feel confident so you can achieve your goals!

Pure Genetics Marketing Manager

My name is Rico Rodriguez and I began playing sports in High School. I fell in love with football and Brazilian jujitsu because I wanted to improve my physical strength and take my conditioning to the next level! Fitness in general has changed my life overall, I love the long term benefits it has provided me and the people I’ve met who helped challenge myself everyday to become physically, mentally & spiritually better!

Pure Genetics Associate

Hi, I’m Madai Aileen! I am currently a personal trainer, and absolutely love what I do! I have been into fitness, and health, for a long time now; it has become a huge part of my life. Some may say it is my life!

Being able to be a part of this amazing team, this family, has been such a great experience! I’m so excited to be apart of this amazing team!

Pure Genetics Associate

My name is Michelle Reis, I have a background in dance for about 15 years. Dance has guided me to my fitness journey and it improved my strength and endurance. I started taking fitness more seriously after the pandemic and now it’s my new addiction. I love how it helps others become stronger mentally and physically.

Pure Genetics Ambassador

My name is Sebastian but I go as Risen! I am a fitness influencer! I choose to spread the good energy and positivity about lifting.

I recently just dropped 60 pounds! So this weight loss journey has been amazing! I am blessed to have this platform to be able to spread love, energy, and motivation! Let’s keep grinding!

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